Idaho elk hunting guides Idaho black bear hunting guides idaho mule deer hunting guides
Idaho elk hunting guides Idaho black bear hunting guides idaho mule deer hunting guides Idaho elk hunting guides Idaho black bear hunting guides idaho mule deer hunting guides
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Idaho elk hunting guides Idaho black bear hunting guides idaho mule deer hunting guides
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Idaho elk hunting guides Idaho black bear hunting guides idaho mule deer hunting guides
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Idaho elk hunting guides Idaho black bear hunting guides idaho mule deer hunting guides

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Is This Hunt For You?

From the owner:

I have been working towards being an outfitter from the time I was 10 years old. I love everything about living and hunting in the back country. From 2008 on I will be doing almost all of the guiding ( barring injury), limiting the amount of hunters in camp at any one time, to two. There is nothing worse than doing something you love with someone who doesn't want to be there, and that goes for both the guide and the hunter. Most outfitters would not want something like this on their site, but I am hoping to help the hunters who would not have a good time by saving them some time and money.
Although I have bills to pay, I have never been in this for the money as much as sharing a great blessing. In this new age, fast food world, hunters and people seem to be changing. This is a hunt for guys with old fashioned values and attitudes, looking for the wilderness elk hunt they used read about. If you don't happen to like some of the things said, that's OK, I do sincerely wish you luck wherever you choose to go. If you do like the sound of our hunt give me a call and hopefully I'll see you this fall


1. If you revel at the thought of an expedition, an adventure type of hunt where you expect the unexpected, this may be the hunt for you.
On the other hand if you are not an adaptable type of person this most likely will not be the hunt for you. We have many variables living and hunting the back country. Harsh weather, livestock, strict rules set by the forest service and Idaho department of fish and game, a hunters personal preferences, wild game behavior and movement, and other unforeseen things. Things can change in an instant, possibly making conditions more difficult, or some things may just be foreign to you. Changes are just a normal part of the wilderness to us, but to some people it is more difficult to cope. We can never guarantee anything except that we will do what we can, given the circumstances, to help you have a successful trip.

2. If you like the idea, and would be proud of hunting out of a primitive camp in the wilderness away from modern conveniences, and think this would just add to the story of a hunt, this could be the hunt for you.
But if you can't do without electricity, running water, and other things you would expect if you went to a lodge or hotel this is not the hunt for you.

3. If you think packing into the wilderness on horses and mules and hunting the traditional way of the West is the experience you are seeking this is probably the hunt for you.
But if you don't understand what hunting with livestock in our country en tales it may not be what you are truly looking for. Livestock, well, they smell like livestock and are sometimes messy, and if you are sensitive to that sort of thing you definitely don't want to hunt out of a camp depending on livestock. Because we depend on livestock, you will have a weight limit on the amount of gear you bring. It takes time to balance and load the animals before packing in and out of camp. Although our camp is comfortable and meets the needs of most individuals interested in this type of hunt, it is a primitive wilderness camp. This is due to the simple fact that everything we take into the area, must get there by mule in a limited amount of time. Hunting out of our camp on horses and mules doesn't mean we ride around all day though. We walk the mules and horses down steep hills and typically just use them to get to where we will hunt for the day, then we are on foot.

4. If you are looking for a rough country hunt where testing your self both mentally and physically are fairly common this might be your type of hunt.
On the other hand if you are looking for ease and think that because it is wilderness there should be numerous elk or deer everywhere you go, or are severely out of shape, this is not the hunt for you. We have good populations of animals, but we hunt huge country and the animals are dispersed throughout.

5. If you are an optimist and determined to have a good time, and if you think battling the elements and hard work would just add to the satisfaction of your hunt, not only would this be the hunt for you, you would be far more likely to be successful at harvesting game.
But if your are afraid of getting a little dirty, maybe cold and wet, or if you are easily discontented, this is most definitely not the hunt for you.

6. If you love learning new things and seeing different ways of doing things, this is a hunt for you.
On the other hand if you don't take direction well, you would not enjoy yourself. This doesn't mean we shout out orders or are not flexible ourselves, but we do some things certain ways not only for safety, but to help make things easier and more successfully for you.

7. If you are looking for the experience of hunting the wilderness just as much as harvesting an animal this could be a good trip.
But if you will be angry if you do not harvest and animal, absolutely do not hunt with us. We are extremely successful on harvesting game, but we will not guarantee a kill.

8. If you are a patient and honorable person and looking for the same from the people you hunt with this is most likely a hunt for you.
But if you need a lot of people waiting on you hand and foot and are worried that your hunting partner may have a more successful hunt than yours, this is not a hunt for you. Our camp staff consists of your guide and a cook. Most people book a 2x1. That is two hunters with that one guide. You decide before hand who is the first shooter. We normally concentrate on elk first, and if the first shooter harvests an animal we have to pack it out. Depending upon where an animal is downed it make take a full day to get an animal out. Although your guide has to do this, we have taken several 2nd animals while packing out game. So, we look at a day of packing out an animal the same as a day of hunting, but if you don't, and think packing out your friends animal is losing a day of hunting, this again is not the hunt for you.

9. If you love hunting, and hunting in places where quality animals live, with little other pressure, and with people who love the same thing, check us out.

10. With as much as we hate to have one, we do have a weight limit for hunters who hunt with us. Our mules can only carry so much in the rough country that we traverse on a daily basis. For safety reasons hunters must weigh less than 240 lbs.

About the Owner
Albert Bayer is originally from northeastern Washington where he grew up hunting mule deer, whitetail's, elk, and bear. At eighteen, he went to work in the Wilderness of northwest Wyoming as a hunting guide and packer. Before buying his own hunting outfit, he also worked in the Caribou National Forest of southeastern Idaho, and even returned to northeast Washington as a professional guide. He spent two seasons working in southeast Alaska along the Taiya River as well. Albert has made his living working in the remote woods of the West, where he feels most comfortable. In the spring of 2001, Albert had the opportunity to purchase an outfit in the Frank Church Wilderness of west central Idaho. He has been riding, packing, and hunting this area ever since.

Professional guide Al Bayer and his licensed guides are dedicated to offering you an outstanding wilderness adventure where they can be proud of the service, integrity, and experiences that come with each hunt sold. Space is limited, so we recommend securing your dates no later than March 1.
If you have questions about any of these things I would be happy to elaborate and clarify on any subject. Well, Hopefully I'll get to spend a week with you this season. Good hunting and God Bless.

Albert Bayer, Owner
Elk Springs Outfitters  If you have any questions please call (208) 469-9999